A very unusual destination marriage proposal

The given experience is crafted exclusively for those, who chase the alternatives to very well-known destination wedding spots around the globe. If you’re up for something truly different – this itinerary is worth reading. Genuinely, it’s because we offer to have two weddings instead of one. Both in six days. The first up in Northern mountains, close to the Europe’s highest settlement and the second, on the hilltop in East, where locals claim to be the inventors of wine.


Day 1: “Nishnoba”

In English, it means “an engagement”, but hardly you can differ the vibe of Nishnoba celebration from the wedding reception in Georgia. Do you want to check it yourself? Fly to Tbilisi and let us shuttle you from the Airport and to the hotel and help to set the bags down. Our guests usually love the idea of a short stretch out on a bed and a bit of rest after flying up in coach for hours on end. The party will kick off shortly after you get your second wind and give us a shout. The real Georgian Supra (Feast) awaits after a short city tour.

Day 2: Off to Svanety

We will pick you up bright and early and ride you to the Airport, which is in 40 mins. drive from Tbilisi. Don’t worry about the boring check-in process or custom officers, it’s a tiny domestic Airfield for the small jets, that usually fly to highlands in Northwest. Half an hour time would be enough for the pilot to get us to a hilly medieval hideaway, where the time stands steel. That’s Mestia, Svanety – Pure magic, too mystical, partly renovated, but still far from being fully explored – The best place to set up the first ceremony the other day. You will have plenty of time to do a walk-around and feel its ambiance before.

Day 3: Wedding in Mestia

All will start in the morning, right where you’ll be staying at. Singers will meet the bride and groom with polyphonic, stunningly beautiful Georgian songs and ride the wedding participants on a horseback, up the hilltop, where the local marriage officiant will hold the traditional ritual of validation. Note, that any formal or informal part of the event is very dissimilar from what you know or have seen in common world. Frankly, it’s because the entire event is accompanied by the Svanetian sword-dance. Have you heard of it? Well, every word, image or footage is useless to describe what a hard-striking spectacle it is.

Day 4: Back to Eastern Georgia – Kakheti is waiting

We will take you on wheels to Kakheti after an easy flight back to Natakhtari Airport. The drive is going to take up to 1.5 hrs. Kakheti is rather different place from what you’re supposed to see in Georgia according to this itinerary, with rather different people. Nearly every family owns a wine-cellar somewhere in a backyard across the region. The endpoint of our trip will be Signaghi – the city of love, also knows with its defensive town wall all around it that is worth to see.

Day 5: Wedding in Sighnaghi

It’s a sole place in Caucasus where the number of marriage ceremonies are being held 24/7. That’s largely because the bridal registry operates non-stop, just like in Vegas. Hence the destination tagline – The City of Love, but we’re certainly not going to run your ritual any late. The horse carriages will transport the participants to the wedding center in the morning and to St. Nino’s cathedral after, where you will get your blessing according to the oldest orthodox tradition. Supra and wine tasting will take the rest of the day.

Day 6: Back to Tbilisi

The 6th day is to say goodbye to the city of love and Kakheti. We’ll pack you out and ride you back to Tbilisi after breakfast at the restaurant near the town wall of Sighnaghi. You probably can get a little shopping done along the way. We will escort you either to the Airport or to your room in the capital city, where you can do another city break or go to a flee market if you have time to kill before the flight.