Besides being the capital city, Tbilisi is also a health resort

There are only two cities of this kind in Europe and the second is Budapest. Georgia’s capital sees unique, high content, thermal sulphuric water come out of the ground, with hot sulphuric water outlets on the periphery of the Abanotubani and Ortachala districts.
This is the only instance


Famous for its salty-sour, love-it-or-hate-it fizzy mineral water, Borjomi is a small resort town in the green valley of the swift Mtkvari River, where a health-giving mineral spring was discovered in 1810. The place became particularly fashionable when Duke Mikhail Romanov (brother to Tsar Alexander II) built a palace at nearby Likani in the 1890s.



Extensively tree-covered Tskaltubo is famous for its radon-carbonate mineral springs. The temperature of the waters varies between 33-34 C, enables them to be used without preliminary heating. Well-known Sataplia Caves and the adjacent dinosaur prints are 6 km from the resort. Kutaisi International Airport is also quite near.


The resort is situated at an elevation of 950 meters in the forested mountains of the Bagdati District, western Georgia and is renowned for its natural hot and cold mineral springs. The first mention of Sairme water healing powers can be traced back to 1890’s.