How a techno is making Georgia a rave destination

For many techno fans, Ibiza is not a rave heaven. From Russia to South America, these are the most booming club music scenes in the world right now, says the Along with Ukraine, Russia, Mexico, Germany, Portugal, Serbia, Colombia, Poland and the UK, Georgia’s and its techno party scene is on the list of the must-visit places.


Powered by Exit, Echowaves is the new music festival located in sunny Anaklia, and it’s a perfect place where you can forget about your daily routines.

4GB Festival

It takes place over two weekends in May. It was launched in 2011. A disused satellite station is being repurposed to host a rave.


An industrial club that’s recently put Tbilisi on the map. After Boiler Room passed through its doors, the club started to garner recognition in the global scene.